Established 1967

Arkansas Rodeo Association

ARA Finals October 4-6, 2018

Attention Current Members

Please sign up with your name, your email address and a password--finals time you will need this to vote for officers, directors and horse of the year (You must use your name or you will not be approved)


All lines with * by them are mandatory.  The rest are dependent on what events you enter at rodeos. 

Please submit your ballots by Sept. 1st


Entry fees will be set according to added money as follows:ALL EVENTS

ADM $100 or less= Entry fee Minimum of $40

ADM $101-$200= Entry fee Minimum of $50

ADM $201-$300= Entry fee Minimum of $60

ADM $301-$500= Entry fee Minimum of $70

ADM $501 or more = Entry fee Minimum of $80


August 2018  Schedule

To find the call information look left--click on schedule--click on the month of the rodeo--and double click on the rodeo

Idabel, OK  August 2-4, 2018


Wolfe City, TX August 3-4, 2018


Lead Hill, AR August 4, 2018


Mountain Home, AR August 6, 2018


Mabelvale, AR August 7, 2018


Mena, AR August 9-11, 2018


DeQueen, AR August 10-11, 2018


New Boston, TX -- August 11-12, 2018


Mt. Home, AR -- August 13, 2018


Jasper, AR -- August 17, 2018



Olla, LA -- August 17-18, 2018


Mabelvale, AR -- August 21, 2018


Foreman, AR -- August 24-25, 2018


Linden, TX -- August 24-25, 2018


Jena, LA -- August 24-25, 2018


Pocahontas, AR -- August 31-Sept. 1, 2018


Rules Changes for 2018

Bylaws Amended at general membership meeting 10/7/17

Article IV:  Elections

The President shall require ballots to be provided to each member, currently in good standing, at least one month before the first day of the Annual convention, Official ballots shall be delivered and returned by the means determined by the president to be the most efficient and prior to the deadline established in the voting instructions.

Article X:  Meetings

At least fifteen (15) days notice of the meeting shall be given each member in good standing by the most efficient means determined by the President.

Article XII:  Amendments

By-Laws may also be amended by a majority of votes provided that the ballots are provided by the most efficient means to all members in good standing and at least 15% of the membership votes.

Rules changed by the board for 2018:


High school students from other states who are members of the Arkansas High School Rodeo association are eligible for membership to the ARA.

Dress Code:

Protective Helmets may be worn by contestants while competing.

Entering Rodeos:

Alternate means of entering such as texting is permitted as long as the information is provided at the time of approval so it is available to all contestants.


If lasers are available in the facility, they may be used in the place of barrel stakes if they meet the distance requirements set forth above.


Any rodeo that is an ARA first cannot become ARA second co-sanction rodeo without missing one full year of being a non-sanctioned ARA rodeo.

Please see Rule Changes at bottom of this page

1.  If the secretary asks you to texted your entry into a rodeo, it is permissible but limited to 7 entries and only 4 entries in one event

2  The dress code has been amended to accept helmets in barrel racing or any event.

3.  Teenagers that are members of any junior rodeo association not just AHSRA/AJHSRA can buy a junior card($65)

    Also high school and junior high boys or girls from other states that are members of the Arkansas High School Rodeo Association may purchase ARA cards.

4.  Any rodeo that is an ARA first cannot become ARA second co-sanction rodeo without missing one full year of being a non-sanctioned ARA rodeo.

5.  New rule books are available.  If you need one, please let me know.

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Monthly News

If you are interested in working the finals this year or interested in providing timed event stock for the finals this year, please submit your bids to the ARA office or to one of the board members. 

Deadline for accepting bids is August 15, 2018.


It is now time to submit an application for the ARA scholarship awarded each year at the finals.  Deadline this year is September 1st.

Please click on the link below and print it out

Scholarship Application

Big Thank you!!

Cowboy Chrysler Dodge Ram

Farm Bureau

Lindsey Petroleum

Ramsey Truck and Equipment

Five D Cattle Co. Steak House

Valet Cleaners

Tri County Arena